5 Things That Can Make Fantom The Ideal Blockchain For All

5 Things That Can Make Fantom The Ideal Blockchain For All

The search for an ultimate blockchain solution that’s scalable and user-friendly stops right with Fantom ($FTM).

Fantom is an all-inclusive platform that boasts high performance and efficiency. It isn’t just another network that only looks good on the surface, but one with powers that extend all the way down to the transaction level. In prioritizing speed, security, and scalability, there are five components that make Fantom the ideal blockchain for all.

High Speed and Low Transaction Costs

With Fantom’s latest network upgrade called Go-Opera, anyone is now able to carry out transactions almost instantly, transactions now get confirmed in an average of one second. On top of that, fees are lower than ever at a mere fraction of a cent. In a world where everyone has to wait as long as an hour for one transaction to even go through, Fantom’s core architecture is proving to be a game-changer in the blockchain world.

Integrated Ethereum Helper

Ethereum is notoriously known to come with painfully long transaction processes and expensive fees. However, Fantom takes all of that pain away as any projects that’s built for Ethereum can be easily deployed to Fantom’s blockchain. Fantom’s a layer 1 blockchain that provides with the same performance one can expect with the ethereum’s layer 2. As a whole, Fantom erases the need to wait another year for the perfect Ethereum solution and lets anyone act right away in a matter of seconds.

Robust and Secure

Fantom is designed to handle high volumes and thousands of transactions per second. Fantom’s groundbreaking aBFT consensus engine ensures high security and decentralization, with no compromises on performance.

Huge Scalability

Fantom is dedicated to growing along the rapid expansion of the crypto world so that user experience never stops progressing. Unlike other blockchain platforms that never bother to innovate on their old technology, Fantom makes it a priority to scale like no other. By constantly attracting big investors such as HyperChain Capital, BlockTower Capital, Alameda Research, Quantum Fintech, and more, Fantom pushes the boundaries of what blockchain technology is capable of.

Strong Core Team

Fantom wouldn’t be able to function as it is without a solid core team at the heart of the platform. Behind the blockchain network is a group of people including industry leader Andre Cronje that work tirelessly to explore the frontiers of crypto and become the leading blockchain platform.

The numbers themselves show just how powerful of a blockchain platform these five factors combine to create. With the latest performance upgrades and porting of other popular projects to its network, Fantom experienced a daily transaction increase of 2000% on its network in the last 30 days. As the ideal blockchain for all, Fantom is guaranteed to elevate scalability and blockchain adoption to a whole new level.

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