Market giants to sell Urs Fischer's artworks as NFTs

Market giants to sell Urs Fischer's artworks as NFTs

Mike Beeple's EVERDAYS; FIRST 5000 DAYS artwork which sold for $69.3 million on Christie's auction house shocked the entire art world. Since that sale two months ago, a couple of artists like Damien Hirst and Simon Denny have released and sold NFTs on various marketplaces.

Taking things up a notch, a collaborative effort between a traditional art gallery, an auction entity, and a platform that sells NFTs have been formed. This partnership will see art market giants Pace Gallery, digital platform Makers Place, and an auction app Fair Warning sell a series of NFTs by acclaimed artist Urs Fischer.

Titled “Chaos”, Fischer is creating a series of 501 artworks that will be minted as NFTs. The first 500 will feature a relationship between unrelated objects. Number 501, on the other hand, will feature 1,000 different objects. Yet to be determined, Urs Fischer in a recent interview revealed that these artworks will be displayed on a physical screen.

According to the press release, Fair Warning will sell off the first series of NFTs on April 11, 2021. Makers Place will subsequently begin selling the day after.

The artworks will be made available on Pace Gallery's website, as part of the agreement.

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