Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-Based CryptoClassic's Code Audited, Proven Secure and Reliable

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-Based CryptoClassic's Code Audited, Proven Secure and Reliable
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CryptoClassic's smart contracts have been audited and confirmed to be secure, the latest update by the payment-focused platform shows.

Linking Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Protocols using CryptoClassic

CryptoClassic, which aims to eventually bring together the hundreds of dApps and streamline communication between them, is launching on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.

Launched in Q3 2021, the CryptoClassic platform has set its targets high. Its developers are targeting to disrupt the multi-billion payments industry.

Estimates show that digital payments continue to balloon and rapidly shape lives.

The incorporation of fee-reduction or elimination solutions coupled with quick settlement means to the process has an effect of directly boosting financial inclusion, drawing users across the globe to formal financial systems.

Increasingly, and more so, due to the penetration of the internet and widespread use of smartphones, more people are now more comfortable moving funds or participating in a savings program, improving their livelihood.

The Assurance of Code Security

According to the developer, CryptoClassic is launching a platform for creating and launching complex financial transactions reliant on the distribution and security of the base layer.

As a payments system, the portal's code must be secure and trusted, although working in a trustless environment reliant on the self-execution of deployed code. It is critical considering the exploitation of unaudited code by some projects which have seen millions of user funds lost in the BSC and the broader crypto community.

Already, there are over 2.6k holders of CryptoClassic's CRC token less than a month after launching. Trading at over $0.29 after peaking at around $0.80, the CryptoClassic project has a market cap of more than $24 million. As such, it is one of the most notable projects in the expanding BSC's ecosystem.

With multi-millions at stake and over 2.6k holders whose interests need to be protected, developers of CryptoClassic have gone ahead to prove that its code is secure and approved.

The public declaration and confirmation, complete with an audit certificate, is a confident booster.

Besides, this is a proof-of-document that the decentralized community, believing in the value proposition and their vision-mission statement, will always demand before doubling down. The auditing of CryptoClassic's code and assurance from security experts that its smart contracts function as designed would potentially accelerate the expansion of CRC in the near future while building a strong reputation for the upcoming and highly potent project.

CryptoClassic Launching on an Eco-Friendly Layer

The CryptoClassic project is riding on the eco-friendly BSC blockchain and aiming to leverage the ledger's features to deliver its value proposition.

Already, CryptoClassic's strategic decision to opt for the BSC over Ethereum and Proof-of-Work smart contracting platforms aligns with the recent global objectives on climate change.

During the latest U.N. conference in Glasgow, Scotland, global leaders agreed to prioritize programs to preserve the environment and shift to renewable energy.

Bitcoin and Ethereum, for instance, depend on fossil fuel energies to power their energy-inefficient gears. Because of the energy wastage of Bitcoin, the Chinese government banned cryptocurrency mining in their territory, profoundly impacting Bitcoin's security.

The BSC, on the other hand, is energy efficient, interoperable, and, most importantly, cheap to transact on. This is why CryptoClassic is deploying on its rail, a move that would quickly give it a solid base in eventually actualizing its objectives.

CryptoClassic (CRC) Listed in 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Two More Listing Scheduled by December 2021

Moreover, due to their specific vision and goal to disrupt payment via an interoperable blockchain whose ecosystem is expanding, the CRC token has been quickly listed in several centralized exchanges, including CoinTiger and Azbit.

According to CryptoClassic, the project is in talks to launch in two other centralized exchanges by December 2021.

This exposure to liquidity channels and support from reputable cryptocurrency exchanges is a direct endorsement of the project, pointing to its potential and possibly undervaluation at spot rates.

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