CryptoSlots Introduces 133% Welcome Bonus to its New Game “Go for Gold”

CryptoSlots Introduces 133% Welcome Bonus to its New Game “Go for Gold”
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With the increasing popularity of blockchain gaming, so many crypto-based gaming projects have been making waves in recent times. These projects want to leverage the blockchain gaming hype to promote their brand to the right audience. Today, projects like CryptoSlots have recorded and are still recording huge success in the blockchain gaming market. A report on Forbes highlighted that blockchain gaming was vital to the success of the NFT market within the first and second quarters of 2021.

Many analysts are of the opinion that crypto gaming can transform the global gaming industry. These analysts believe that crypto gaming will help achieve mainstream adoption of crypto faster than any other use case of the digital asset. Since its inception, CryptoSlots have introduced several games, the latest being the "Go for Gold" game. Let's look at the new game "Go for Gold" and how gamers can benefit from it.

Overview of the "Go for Gold" Crypto Game

There are multiple crypto games on CryptoSlots but "Go for Gold" is the latest of the bunch. The new game ranks high in terms of quality. Compared to other games on CryptoSlots like Tokyo Games, Leprechaun Luck, Olympus High Limit, Double Bonus Poker Multi-Hand, etc., "Go for Gold" has its advantages.

To play the game, gamers will need to sign up with their username and email address, after which they will be needed to generate their password. Unlike many of the games existing on CryptoSlots, "Go for Gold" has 50 paylines. Its bet ranges from as low as $0.5 to as high as $10. To ensure gamers' confidence in the new game, CryptoSlots added the Provably Fair system. This system will help ensure that the game will never be rigged against the players and in favor of the "House."

The major cryptocurrencies accepted as a method of payment for "Go for Gold" are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero. Also, for every 1x bonus symbol, gamers will earn 1x of their bet on the game. For a 2x bonus symbol, gamers will earn 3x of their total bet on the "Go for Gold" game. On the other hand, more than 3x bonus symbol will trigger the spins bonus game coupled with expanded double wilds. In the game, the symbols include the athletes plus medals of bronze, silver, and gold.

The 133% Welcome Bonus for New Gamers

CryptoSlots recently introduced the 133% welcome bonus to all new gamers joining the "Go for Gold" game. Gamers can play and win up to a million dollars. For a new player to access the 133% welcome bonus, he will have to sign in using the official link of the welcome bonus. The code for the bonus is WELCOME133, and the offer is only available for new players on their first deposit on the platform.

About CryptoSlots Crypto Gaming Platform

CryptoSlots crypto gaming was created in 2018 and has been operated by Scotland Entertainment that has been in the gaming industry for more than two decades. The platform uses its Provably Fair system to ensure that all gamers have an equal chance at winning and no manipulation. In the traditional casino games, you hear things like "the house always wins." CryptoSlots aims to offer transparency to the gaming industry through the introductions of the Provably Fair system.

Gamers step into the game by choosing the value that will influence the outcome of their game. After each game, the gamer can verify the initial data and find out how their input affected the game's result.


Blockchain gaming is here to stay, and more projects will certainly rise to grow the industry further. Early comers like CryptoSlots already have an advantage, but they will have to be very innovative to stay competitive in this constantly evolving industry.

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