Decentralized Exchange Soldex Introduces AI-Powered Trading

Decentralized Exchange Soldex Introduces AI-Powered Trading
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Decentralized exchanges have become an integral part of the cryptocurrency trading industry. These solutions empower users and are non-custodial. Soldex, one of the up-and-coming DEXes, will try its hand at AI-powered trading to give users an optimal experience.

crypto-trading-accessible">Making Crypto Trading Accessible

While the cryptocurrency industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, there is still much room for improvement. Getting these assets into the hands of more people needs to be a priority at all times. One way of doing so is by making the trading of crypto more accessible and more straightforward. Per the Soldex team, artificial intelligence can play an essential role in this process.

Over the past few years, there has been a strong interest in cryptocurrencies. Most people rely on traditional exchanges to buy, sell, and trade such assets conveniently. However, signing up for an exchange and verifying one's identity is only the first step. Users will still need to make their own decisions as to which assets to trade and when to do it. Unfortunately, it is not convenient to do so, almost forcing novice users to educate themselves on markets or look for other options.

Soldex wants to change that narrative with the help of machine learning algorithms.  The objective is to work on all market conditions through a neural network algorithm. The algorithm and associated tools will analyze market data, predict risks, and buy and sell assets on behalf of the users. It is an automated trading suite that is easy to set up and gathers data from a team of data scientists and experts to enhance its learning capabilities.

By building on the Solana ecosystem, Soldex can offer fast, cheap, and intuitive trading solutions to its users. Moreover, its internal infrastructure consists of smart contracts and blockchain oracles to maintain a decentralized structure. Thus, it is, at its core, a decentralized and transparent trading solution that aims to impact cryptocurrency trading positively. That is an ambitious goal to live up to.

Soldex is currently conducting a private sale, during which 25% of the tokens will be sold. Retail investors have exclusive access to this private sale at the moment, after which SOLX will become available publicly. The SOLX token provides protocol governance rights, can be used to cover transaction fees, helps feed AI bots, and can be staked for a share of redistributed protocol profits.

Why AI Matters In Trading

The trading of financial assets is a very serious task. It is also an emotional time for most people, even though trading based on emotions is one of the biggest pitfalls to avoid. Rather than letting humans make market choices, artificial intelligence can prove beneficial. It has no feelings or sentiment like humans, making it more capable of making tough decisions right away. In a world where every small profit counts, one can waste no time on second-guessing choices.

Moreover, artificial intelligence doesn't stick to its 'favorite" indicators and market patterns to make decisions. Instead, traders will often backtest and modify their approach. An AI can do the same but at much faster speeds, allowing it to learn quicker and note a more robust performance. Thus, the option of analyzing large amounts of data can prove beneficial to crypto traders worldwide.

Closing Thoughts

Making the concept of AI trading more accessible in a decentralized setting can change the way people feel and think about cryptocurrencies. Crypto markets lend themselves well to automated trading solutions. However, the user must retain a degree of control and responsibility. With solutions like Soldex, users can seemingly have the best of both worlds, assuming this AI trading solution can deliver good results.

Whether one wants to admit it or not, artificial intelligence is making its way into modern-day technology. Ranging from autonomous cars to AI crypto trading, the opportunities are endless. This is one exciting time to be alive as a technology enthusiast. Moreover, AI trading can make the concept of crypto trading more appealing and accessible. The markets are constantly searching for new liquidity and users, and using innovative technologies can make that shift happen over time.

Retail investors still have chances to participate in the SOLX private sale. Details they can find on website.

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