Defy Trends: Advanced AI-Powered Crypto Analysis Platform for Investors

Defy Trends: Advanced AI-Powered Crypto Analysis Platform for Investors
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Defy Trends is an innovative new platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver insights into the crypto markets – where more and more investors are looking for opportunities.

The platform is dedicated to providing charts and data insights on hundreds of tokens. It also covers many different exchanges and watches for market sentiment.

Defy has an intuitive interface and lots of features that enable traders to make informed decisions on the crypto market.

Founded in 2021, Defy Trends is an all-in-one cryptocurrency analytics tool that offers real-time data to traders and investors. The project is also accessible as a chrome extension to simplify the way users approach its products and services.

The platform provides information on every major digital currency. With an extensive level of market data gathering ability, the data on Defy Trends is updated in real-time.

By using cutting-edge AI-powered market forecasts and digestible on-chain data analytics, the application delivers a tremendous amount of information, including prices, liquidity, trading volume over time, exchange rates, official website views, and activity on social networks associated with the coins.

Markets That Make Sense

Defy Trends, in addition to creating access to advanced data, provides a comprehensive picture of the market, allowing investors to make comparisons, measurements, and custom statistics – all of which can be used to drive investment strategies.

Currently, there are four packages available on the platform, including Teaser, Beginner, Intermediate, and Professional. The Teaser plan is free and easy to use for any user. The remaining Defy Trends pricing plans are designed to well any type of investor.

The number of women engaging in digital asset investment has climbed dramatically in recent years – and Defy is a female-led company.

When it comes to crypto investing, the biggest obstacle is the lack of knowledge, which Defy Trends is addressing with some of the best data handling technology available.

Defy Trends was created and developed by women and its initial objective was to drive more investors to this sector by providing inclusive cryptocurrency-related technical knowledge and top-tier financial education.

The company has expanded its target audience to include anyone interested in leaving what it sees as an outdated, centralized financial system.

Defy Trends Index - Each coin listed on Defy Trends will come with an overall score. This score allows users to compare coins and determine which coins are under-or overvalued in the market. The system also provides a score for the whole market as a bonus.

Sustainability Index - The sustainability index represents the global impact of each coin and takes into account elements like computational power required, hardware, use case, and many more. From this score, you can better shape your trading strategy and keep it in line with your values.

Real-time Data and Forecasting - Data is a vital factor in trading. Defy Trends' system, which has been weighted and back-tested, makes use of real-time and historical data points to estimate future trends and predict the markets.

Social Sentiment - Social sentiment predictions, along with real-time data and market trends forecasting is well-correlated thanks to Defy Trends’ proprietary machine learning algorithms which are specifically designed for the platform.

Running analysis through all social media channels, this feature allows traders to reflect the sentiment of people toward the coins based on a scale, see which coins are of interest to the community.

Plus, it can provide you with insights into the behavior of other traders in the market. This is very useful in predicting trends and making judgments about the market.

World Wide Trends - Users will be able to view which ecosystems their coins, NFTs, or DEFI, Dot, and BSC ecosystems are more frequently interacting with. The multifunctional platform allows you to check all coins with their information, integrate reviews and information about the website, and contact information.

Personalized Dashboard - Users can customize their dashboard using “drag & drop” to generate trading ideas with a friendly, intuitive interface for beginners.

In addition to the beautiful user interface, users can save charts, indicator templates and switch between charts as you see fit. Additionally, Defy Trends provides data technical analytics for all tokens on the Binance Smart Chain DEX, including Pancake Swap and Burgerswap.

Apart from basic indicators for beginners, Defy Trends is constantly improving the platform to adapt to the smallest changes in the world. The platform also offers advanced technical analysis tools to meet the increasing demands of professional investors.

For any beginner, all the market data is available at glance in the interface. It is simple to examine a market overview and understand the Defy Trends framework. These fundamental toolsets are also extremely useful for any novice trader.

Meet The Team

Defy Trends is backed by a team of four women with an extensive background in data analysis and leadership. Their knowledge and experience are different – but together, they share the same vision

Imge Su Cetin: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Defy Trends. She specializes in data analysis and statistical analysis. Previously, Imge Su Cetin worked for the United Nations, where she helped develop a migration forecasting application.

Elena Garidis: Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer. She specializes in business development and sustainability strategy. Elena shows a strong passion for helping people make better decisions.

Daniela Henao: Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer. Her driving focus is on building community and empowering human lives. She has an in-depth background in leadership and education.

Masha Prusso: Advisor in BizDev, PR, Fundraising. Masha has a solid background in public relations and events in the blockchain. She is also part of Polygon Technology - the well-known layer-2 solution focusing on blockchain scalability.

The Defy Utility Token – $DEFY

Token Allocation: Defy has a total supply of 1 billion tokens.

As part of the distribution plan, 15% of the total supply is distributed to the token sale. 25% will be rewarded for Defy holders who participate in staking.

The team will receive 20% of the total supply while 17% will be used for marketing activities and 11% will be used to develop and maintain the operations. 2% of total supply refers to DEX listing. The remaining proportion will be shared for the ecosystem and advisers.

To earn DEFY tokens, independent researchers can conduct new research that brings value and benefit to the community and institutional clients.

Defy holders can grant access to data feeds, monthly subscriptions, and educational content when staking their tokens on Defy platform.

They can also vote for community governance and token utility. Additionally, when joining DEFY staking, you get a chance to participate in the monthly lottery and get a reward.

Defy is Growing

The move into cryptocurrency is just getting started and Defy Trends is well-placed to be a prime source of actionable investment information in the sector. Keep up with the community on Telegram or sign up for early access HERE.

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