DeHub’s Portal To The Metaverse Set To Disrupt the Entertainment and Lifestyle Industry

DeHub’s Portal To The Metaverse Set To Disrupt the Entertainment and Lifestyle Industry
Photo by Barbara Zandoval / Unsplash

The metaverse market is projected to hit over $814 billion by 2028 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 43.8% within the forecast period. Today we have a growing number of metaverse-based blockchain-powered projects, and the number is expected to more than triple in the coming years. As a relatively new frontier within the blockchain ecosystem, innovative metaverse projects will undoubtedly attract the attention of tech enthusiasts and investors.

Currently, DeHub is building a portal to the metaverse that provides an integrated ecosystem built around gaming, streaming, browsing, and earning. The project is an all-in-one blockchain-powered, decentralized entertainment and lifestyle hub.

DeHub Ecosystem

In simple terms, DeHub is a blockchain project focused on entertainment and lifestyle, from gaming to streaming and moviemaking. DeHub integrates a universe of original and aggregated content into an all-in-one crypto-backed hub. The hub is designed to be censorship-resistant, borderless, and peer-to-peer, delivering global media to all. With the DeHub ecosystem, there are more ways for users to engage with one another, with content creators, and with content. This is a departure from the passive subscription and advertising-led models that underpin legacy entertainment.

Since its creation, the DeHub entertainment and lifestyle ecosystem has attracted significant partnership deals to improve and facilitate the creation of authentic and original content and events. These notable partnerships have also facilitated DeHub’s full integration into existing metaverse architecture. The project was initiated in January 2021, and Malik Jan has been at the forefront of leading the team. He is the owner of UK FCA regulated and DeFi-based agency Agenz LTD. Malik also owns Puso Group, an SEC-registered development company located in the Philippines.

The DeHub platform is set to challenge the streaming and gaming industry with its innovative model. It is community-based and designed to empower viewers, artists, creators, and athletes. This means that legacy incumbents will need to work hard to adapt and keep up with the transformative tech developed by DeHub.

DeHub Tokenomics

A unique and sophisticated token economy fuels the decentralized hub. Its dynamic engine revolves around verifiable and transparent taxes on trading. A 12% transaction fee will be disbursed as buybacks (4%), network members will share another 4%, while the remaining 4% will be converted into liquid rewards for holders to claim via a decentralized app.

The DeHub token economy rewards holders with staking, reflections, and fee mining. Therefore, no operational or team wallet will be allowed to liquidate even a single token. The DeHub ecosystem drivers are finely-tuned to power and expand the network.

DeHub Innovations

DeHub is designed to give users the power to decide on what kind of content will be funded, renewed, or canceled. With its cutting-edge blockchain technology, the platform provides a range of core offerings that will change how viewers engage with a range of digital media and real-world activities.

Imagine having the power to vote on which game or TV series gets a sequel, and having the power to decide the winners of fight night bouts. Imagine a situation where viewers are paid for their participation rather than spending their money on subscriptions. DeHub is making this possible with its open-source, decentralized platform and metaverse portal. It is uniquely equipped to empower creators in a mutually beneficial user-centric economy.


The metaverse industry is shaping up to be a powerhouse of tech innovation, and anyone not paying attention might look back with some regret. It is becoming clear that a new order in the entertainment and lifestyle industry will soon offer superior alternatives to existing platforms. DeHub is at the forefront of an exciting trend that has the potential to transform our relationship with the media we consume.

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