Everything You Need To Know About The Butterflies Museum NFT Collection Before Its Launch

Everything You Need To Know About The Butterflies Museum NFT Collection Before Its Launch

The Butterflies Museum is a new NFT collection that makes butterfly collecting accessible to anyone without harming nature. Every NFT features a real butterfly in a frame, including the name per international classification. Moreover, the entire collection of 500 pieces is hand-drawn by the artist.

A Harmless Way of Collecting Butterflies

Nature is home to many majestic creatures, yet none are as intriguing as butterflies. Their gliding movements and color patterns on their wings bring joy, peace, and many other emotions to whoever observes them. In addition, their different color combinations can have a different effect on people. Moreover, these creatures have been an inspiration to artists worldwide for as long as people can remember.

The Butterflies Museum collection serves multiple purposes. First, it allows anyone to begin collecting butterflies without harming their population in the wild. One must remember that capturing and owning butterflies may be deemed illegal in some countries and can lead to a jail sentence. With NFT technology, those concerns are removed from the equation, as these are digital representations of the existing butterflies.

Second, the Butterfly Museum is an educational collection. It features butterfly species that have gone extinct or are on the brink of disappearing forever. Many endangered and rare species are found in this collection, creating a "time capsule" of sorts. The Butterflies Museum aims to draw attention to what is all around us today and how we should appreciate it before it is gone forever.

Hand-Drawn With Unique Colors

The Butterflies Museum collection is hand-drawn by the artists, removing the need for image generators, neural networks, and so forth. That also means the artist will limit the collection to 500 butterflies, which will take some time to draw by hand. Interestingly, the collection's colors all come from the BitColors project. BitColors has created 1,000 unique colors and introduced them as NFTs to the public. Its colors are all hand-created, like the Butterflies Museum, and they embody the same vision of letting people determine what the color means and what its value should be.

Various other collections notice what BitColors offers and build their collections around it. The use of new colors creates many opportunities for artists to explore. As butterflies are the epitome of color and patterns, using BitColors' palettes makes much sense. Color is about butterflies, and butterflies are about color.

The Butterflies Museum collection will have its first drop on December 1, 2021, on the OpenSea marketplace.

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