Game On: Introducing the Evolution to Seedify V2

Game On: Introducing the Evolution to Seedify V2
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Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem, empowering innovators and project developers through access to funding, community and partnership building and a full support system to help drive the future of gaming and blockchain.

On July 19, Seedify announced the first step in its evolution; a pivot to become the first blockchain gaming-focused incubator & launchpad.

In the two and a half months since the start of the official rebrand on August 1st, the platform has enjoyed significant growth and success. Seedify expanded its team to over 25 members, built vital industry partnerships and hosted numerous successful IGOs (initial game offerings), creating value and subsequently great financial returns for SFUND holders.

Some of the projects launched on the Seedify Launchpad include; Bloktopia, Monsters Clan, Continuum World, Defina.Finance and Cryptoblades Kingdoms, which is also the first game incubated on the Seedify platform.

The Seedify team also ramped up marketing efforts, raising brand awareness while simultaneously elevating the Seedify brand to the degree that launching on Seedify has come to mean strength and promise for new blockchain gaming projects.

Through resourcefulness, hard work, bold moves and strong community support, Seedify has grown to a profitable platform with growing financials. This allows for investments to expand the Seedify platform and devoting funds to build more revolutionary products, providing more opportunities for new game projects and SFUND token holders.

This brings us to the introduction of Seedify V2, a step towards bigger things and even more opportunities for new game projects and SFUND token holders.

Seedify V2

Let’s dive deeper into the main topics of what to expect from Seedify in the next phase of its evolution; Seedify V2.

The Five Main Pillars

Seedify V2 features five main elements and product additions that highlight the key evolutionary pieces of its growing ecosystem.

Seedify Game Studios

Seedify Game Studios will be employing more than 20 people with various skill sets at its initial launch. This includes; art directors, game designers, character designers, environment designers, FX artists, play-to-earn model designers, animators, illustrators, outsourcing managers, in-game economists and game developers.

With Seedify Game Studios, the goal will be to drastically increase the level of the quality of games launched through the Seedify platform, raising the bar for project quality throughout the whole blockchain gaming space.

Seedify Game NFT Launchpad

Initial NFT Offerings of in-game items such as lands, cards, uniques etc., are great fundraising opportunities for projects while providing gamers early access to unique in-game NFT assets.

With the increasing demand of new blockchain games wanting to do in-game NFT launches, along with games already hosted on Seedify doing different types of NFT sales, the need to be proficient in this area became clear. This vital product will also create an additional utility for SFUND tokens.

The Seedify Game NFT Launchpad is already under development. Community testing periods for usability, UI, and feature-related improvements will be announced once the product is on the staging servers.

Seedify Utility NFT Set

As is well known, NFTs are rapidly becoming mainstream. Since Seedify has connections with a lot of games, there are unique opportunities to create many interesting utilities around a Seedify NFT Set.

These exciting utilities will provide real value propositions from the get-go by connecting with the Seedify brand, ecosystem, projects, and products.

With this NFT set, Seedify looks to create something extraordinary, both design and utility-wise, and to utilize it as a gateway for many more exciting things to come.

The NFT utilities, minting prerequisites, visual style, storyline and rarities/what they will mean, will be revealed in the future.

Seedify Product Updates

Seedify has also been focused on various other products. Some to improve user experience, others; frequently requested modules and smart contracts from its community.

The Seedify website has been upgraded to its gaming branded vibe, and the release of a few other anticipated products is also imminent.

Seedify's locked staking & yield farming modules are finished, community tested, and set to be released on October 25th, with more than two audits completed. The token claiming system is also nearing completion, with BSC, ETH and Polygon integrations working, and Avalanche coming soon. Solana integration is also a focus.

Another upcoming feature for users will be a profile section on the website, where participants will be able to view their KYC status, next token claims, current SFUNDs in farming & staking, and all the necessary info needed to ensure a great experience while using the Seedify Launchpad.

A community testing group was created, so all released products are well tested by those who will use them.

Seedify Socials

Seedify will work to boost its social presence, taking it to the next level by being bolder and more creative. Further information on this topic will be shared in the future!

It's clear that Seedify has grown and has no plans to stop there.

With the Seedify Game Studio, Seedify Game NFT Launchpad, Seedify NFT set and other key V2 products and integrations, Seedify's goal is to astound, create and accomplish even more, boosting the impact and the value created for each project launched through Seedify and for every SFUND token holder.

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