HeadHunter project offers head NFTs, each of which comes with a private digital parcel

HeadHunter project offers head NFTs, each of which comes with a private digital parcel

About a year ago now, in 2020, the world became obsessed with decentralized finance. The so-called DeFi sector started attracting thousands of people, dozens of projects, and dozens of billions of dollars-worth of money. Simply put, it became that year’s crypto trend, and while it has since grown from a mere trend, becoming something else and more solid — it is still a good example of how a trend can explode and develop into an interesting and unexpected way.

So, when this year brought the NFT trend, people were ready for it, as well as the potential that it could reach. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which act as a tokenized version of physical and digital assets, are a great way to share ownership of anything of value that cannot be split already. But, the true reason behind buying and owning something is showing it off, and that is exactly what a new project called HeadHunter is offering.

What is HeadHunter?

HeadHunter is a NFT project that offers users the ability to buy one or more out of 666 Heads — HeadHunter NFTs — that were created by RektmeRev. RektmeRev is a well-known artist who is quite accomplished in the NFT circles.

Now, he created a total of 666 Heads, and each one of them comes as a key to the user’s own private NFT island. This is essentially a virtual plot of land where users can build a trophy room and use it for NFT displays. Best of all, the project was created to be compatible with 3rd-party NFTs also, meaning that you can even display your NFTs that have nothing to do with HeadHunter tokens.

But, displaying the spoils of your hunt is not the only benefit of this project. Users also get a number of other advantages, such as the ability to take part in the interactive NFT marketplace, participate in the project governance, and even get their share of profit. In fact, the project is giving 25% of its earnings to the users. So, not only does it help those who enjoy collecting items display their collections, but it also lets them earn by doing nothing but owning these tokens.

What is HeadHunter Planning to Achieve?

HeadHunter’s real goal is to solve certain issues that exist in the world of physical collections. As you likely know, people like collecting things. Be those gaming collectibles, games themselves, expensive artwork, baseball cards, stamps, sports cars, or anything else — we like buying things just for the sake of owning them.

However, buying these things is one thing, but storing them and displaying them comes as a separate problem. It is expensive, complicated, and often quite troublesome. So, HeadHunter figured out an easier way to deal with it — simply tokenize these assets, and then display tokens in a digital environment.

As mentioned, each Head will come with its own island, which is fully customizable, and it allows users to organize them in any way they want. Best of all, all of these trophy rooms and galleries will be connected via a central hub world. However, all of this is only a start, as GLITCH also has additional plans for the future, such as creating a sandbox experience that will allow people to travel between different galleries, view other people’s collections, and even allow for buying, selling, and trading NFTs, thus allowing everyone a chance to quickly and easily get to the assets they wish to own. After that, all that remains is to agree with the NFT’s owner about the price, and make a deal.

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