How to Reach God-Level in Crypto

How to Reach God-Level in Crypto

When you were celebrating the 2019 Xmas did you think 2020 would be so...ahem..eventful? Someone needs to come out and say it: 2020 was probably the toughest year this generation (you, if you’re reading this text) has ever experienced.

There’s a wealth of all sorts of things happening around the globe, but the intensity is growing. Things are getting seriously intense. Some people are drawing parallels, and, well, they sound pretty convincing:

“The passage from the Bible being shared online reads: “Whenever I hold back the rain or send locusts to eat up the crops or send an epidemic on my people, if they pray to me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again”. According to claims, this extract is referring to the coronavirus, the current locust plague and the Australian wildfires which are still being contained in some areas.”


Now, more than ever, it’s important to make a choice. And to make it fast. Ten years ago, if you just went through life without much focus or determination you could probably get away with it. 2020 is raising the difficulty level to hardcore.

Now, you’re getting laid off because the jobs in the publiс sector have pretty much come to an end you either learn how to trade using a trading platform fast and make money - or, if you don’t have transferable skills, you’ve got a problem.

The same goes for everything else, by the way. Obesity and depression rates are through the roof. If you’re not exercising every day and neglecting your mental health by not seeing a therapist regularly, problems will present themselves - but faster than ever before in the history of humankind. 2020 is the most exciting time to be alive, with brilliant new technology, access to information, and stellar opportunities. And also the most dangerous.

Why the “post-halving year” idea?

As times get tougher and tougher, are you ready to start creating a brilliant future for you and your kids today? As Bitcoin’s price starts dynamically going up, a thousand dollars each day, there’s no better signal to start moving. It’s not too late to ride the wave. But it very soon will be.

“The first halving occurred on November 28th, 2012 when one BTC was worth around $11. A year later, bitcoins price surged to a mouth-watering $1,100 in 2013, a price never before seen with Bitcoin. It had only been one year since the halving and Bitcoin had grown 100x. The second halving took place in July 2016. Bitcoin maintained a price of around $600–$700 before flying to $20,000 in the great bull run of 2017. Bitcoin had grown over 33x from its price before the second halving and over 1,818x from its price before the first halving."

– Hackernoon

What to do?

Here are simple but efficient ways to reach God-Level in crypto trading. You can take them in any order you like but to get the most effect out of them you ought to take them from the beginning to the end. The tips are listed in order of rising professionalism.


Get an account at a no-KYC (up to 3 BTC) exchange and set up 2FA. 2FA will make sure a reasonably good hacker spends at least an hour trying to bypass it, which is quite irritating at a level where you’re getting paid $1 00 an hour. That, in turn, means you’ probably won’t be worth it. Sorry. Which leads us to the next point.


Don’t keep too much money in exchanges. Ledger Nano S is a great choice when it comes to hardware wallets. In addition to useful functions, it’s not too expensive and has good reviews. Store your serious money there, and if someone should clean out your exchange account - no big deal. Well, big deal; but not the end of the world.

A newbie who hangs around with pros

Get two hardware wallets. Store little crypto in one, and, should you get robbed at gunpoint, give it up. Pro tip: DON’t mix them up. Color-coding is essential.

Experienced newbie

Use TOR to navigate the WEB.

Beginner user

Tell someone of an alternative way to extract your crypto if anything should happen to you. Inheritance planning is terrifying know. 2020.

Average user

Use our demo mode to avoid losing money. Practice is essential! The 10 000 hour rule means you need 10 000 hours of practice before you become a specialist. You probably don’t want to wait that long, but demo mode is truly essential: the terror of seeing real-times losses is really quite something. Nothing prepares you for the real thing, so make sure you practice.

Prepared user

You read our blog and know about risk management, subdermal wallets, and trading bots. Just give us a passing mention when you’re giving interviews to the press in a couple of years.

Experienced user

You’re using subdermal wallets so no-one actually KNOWS you have crypto. Why? Because you haven’t told a soul. Awesome! You’re way ahead of the game.

Advanced user

You never use more than 10% of your capital in a day and regularly send half to a hardware wallet to HODL. You also diversify, keeping some USD, some crypto, some precious metals, and some property. Very well done!


You think affiliate programs are boring but professionalism comes at a cost: you make use of Nominex’s affiliate program to get massive passive income. Doing what others don’t will get you results others can’t.

Hardcore specialist

You make money on Nominex’s risk-free demo tournaments, regularly taking a winning place. Just because you can. Because you’re a pro. Wait.


You never. Ever. Get ahead of yourself like those losers who think they’re a pro. You know that being a pro is about constantly evolving. If you stop evolving, you’re dead in the water, and you know it. You’re constantly reading news, studying professional literature, taking courses, following authoritative figures in the market, trying new tech like advanced bots, keep learning new markets, rest plenty, and protect yourself at all times by being the best you can be. You regularly save your money, never ever tell anyone you have crypto, and passionately study the Dandelion Protocol (and live in Switzerland).


You hack the American elections, watch Trump bring America to its knees, use the chaos and helplessness to siphon all the money out of Wall Street and invest it all into Bitcoin. Bitcoin rises to 20x its cost in a year. All your bases belong to us. The world is filled with Mikhail Krug’s songs, bears playing balalaikas, and men in wife beater vests and badly tailored Adidas pants. Everything smells like bakhlava. Democracy is a relic. Reptiloid masons come out of the underground bunkers from which they’ve been secretly running the humankind since the beginning of time. There’s only one channel on TV, and it’s Vestnik of Rostov.

God Level

You use the money you earned with demo tournaments to make more money and more money and more money… Go to real tournaments on Nominex and win up to $100 every day. The one thing you have to do – have a daily trading volume 500 USDT and more (that is so easy if you are God in trading). Moreover, the halving price increase means what you make goes up in price by 20.

Here’s how you can make millions from zero.

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