Key features of Market Making

In 2021, the Market Making industry is filled with all sorts of offers, but how to choose a reliable partner in this area so that the service is provided qualitatively, and your market is filled with real traders and investors?

The specialists of the BR Group company, who have been engaged in Market Making for 3 years, will help us understand this issue, they are partners of the largest exchanges and have specialized experience in this area.

In order to understand which Market Making is of high quality and which is not, it is enough to answer just one question.
Is this market attractive for investors and traders? The answer to this question distinguishes high-quality Market Making from inflated volumes.

Many companies that do not have protection functions against loss of funds use Wash Trading as a safe way to cheat volume. This method is not recommended for use for two reasons.

Firstly, it is considered illegal on large exchanges and, if detected, this project is subject to the delisting procedure.

Secondly, when making instant transactions, a real investor and trader understands that this is done by a robot and will be afraid to buy such tokens/coins, which in turn will not bring investment in the project.

A chart is a picture of the work of a Market Maker. If the project has visible "holes" on the minimum timeline, this chart will not be trusted and experienced traders will never choose such an asset to enter, there is no wonder that there is a technical analysis based on the evaluation of charts. The art of drawing charts that stimulate the entry of investors and traders is practically an art.

Based on this information, it will be easier to choose a reliable partner in the direction of market-making. Also you can always contact the BR Group company to get high-quality services.

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