NFTmall Offers a Way for Content Creators to Gain Exposure Using Blockchain Technology

NFTmall Offers a Way for Content Creators to Gain Exposure Using Blockchain Technology

For years now, artists of all kinds — be they photographers, musicians, sculptors, online content creators, or others — struggled to gain exposure and support their work. The market is extremely competitive, and there are massive entry barriers for anyone who wishes to show their work and receive appreciation and funding.

For example, a painter would traditionally have to produce a painting, convince a gallery to display it, promote their exhibition, make the buyers interested enough in it to purchase it, and then, and only then, get the money for their work. Not only is this incredibly difficult to pull off, but the process is also lengthy, and there is no guarantee that the artwork will be sold, at all.

Creators of other types of artwork or content face the same difficulties, and the complexity of it all is ridiculously high, given the fact that much simpler procedures are now possible. One example would be to tokenize the artwork and offer it through NFTs.

NFTs have exploded with popularity in 2021, and as a hot topic, they have already attracted countless celebrities who are tokenizing and selling their music, paintings, and pretty much anything else that people are willing to buy.

There are also new projects dedicated to easing the process and helping create, expand, and improve the NFT market, such as NFTmall.

What is NFTmall?

NFTmall is a new answer to the existing limitation of the traditional NFT marketplace, which uses new technologies to change and improve the market. It is a creator-centric project, which is also focused on remaining decentralized. It is powered by DeFi and e-Commerce, offering physically redeemable NFTs, with multichain and standard support.

Many of its features are quite futuristic, such as the NFTmall 3D, which is a virtual marketplace where various types of dedicated 3D virtual stores offer things like gaming items, art, 3D NFTs, audio and physical NFTs, and more.

The project’s goal is to level the playing field that will fill the gap between traditional and niche digital item artists. The imagined solution is to create one, universal platform that would be the common ground for potential talent for people around the world, who would now have a platform to showcase their work in an accessible, cost-effective, and authentic manner.

In return, consumers of their art and content would be able to view and admire the art, become its owners through NFT token acquisition, and even share ownership of more expensive artworks by buying only a portion of the total NFTs dedicated to that particular piece of art or content.

Plus, by introducing revolutionary features, such as physically redeemable NFTs, anyone can redeem their tokens into physical objects in cases where that is possible, such as clothing, printed canvas, collectible cards, and more.

Introducing GEM — NFTmall’s Native Cryptocurrency

The platform is only getting started, too, as it has plenty of plans and ideas for the future, such as introducing NFT lending, borrowing, fractional ownership, and NFTmall Payment gateway for non-crypto users, $GEM token fiat Ramp, etc.

Of course, as a blockchain-based project, NFTmall has its own native cryptocurrency, known as GEM token. GEM is being used to simplify the creation of NFT and collections. It is spendable within the NFTmall ecosystem, but it is also supported by some secondary markets. The token is compliant with the Binance SMart Chain, and it allows collectors and artists to buy, sell, earn, and own NFTs At the most cost-effective manner.

The project recently held a Seed Round, with the GEM price of $0.4 and a cap of $80k. The round ended after only 20 minutes, as all the tokens were sold out. After that, it held a Private Round A, this time with the GEM price being $0.55, and a cap of $220,000. This time, the round has been sold out in less than 2 minutes, indicating massive, and consistently growing interest in the token, the project, and the possibilities that it brings.

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