"NFTS are going to be the most promising IT trend of 2021", Al Leong opines

"NFTS are going to be the most promising IT trend of 2021", Al Leong opines

The Ethereum 2.0 upgrade reported by BTC Peers earlier this year will see the Ethereum network process more transactions per second (TPS) at lower costs.

The recent rise in the price of ETH according to Al Leong, Head of Marketing at Amazix, is a result of the scalable nature of the network. With Ethereum hitting the $250 billion market cap, albeit behind Bitcoin, investors see the former as a better platform for all micro-transactions, Leong firmly believes.

Describing the premier cryptocurrency, Al Leong sees it as an alternative to Gold while Ethereum is an ideal equivalent of fiat currencies. Ethereum, a virtual building material, offers tremendous benefits to the crypto market — enabling developers to create and launch various platforms, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) projects a few of them.

Speaking about these NFTs to BTC Peers, the Head of Marketing revealed that there's so much potential in the nascent trend, citing the incentivization of creators and artists as a major reason for the booming trend. Al presumes NFTs will pioneer a switch from the speculative crypto market to a more value-driven and content-based one.

Unequivocally, Al opines that this latest fad that has been jumped on by various celebrities and brands will be the most promising trend in the tech and crypto space in 2021.

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