Restart Energy Innovative Technologies (REIT) AG To Launch First Sustainable STO On The DAURA Blockchain Platform

Restart Energy Innovative Technologies (REIT) AG To Launch First Sustainable STO On The DAURA Blockchain Platform
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Restart Energy Innovative Technologies (REIT) AG has come out to announce they are launching the first sustainable Security Token Offering (STO) on DAURA, a Swiss blockchain platform. According to a report on Reuters, the global energy demand is expected to soar by 44% by 2030. With that into consideration, countries and businesses are piloting new reforms and innovative solutions to ensure we all live in a better and more conducive world.

One of the leading businesses and projects setting the pace in innovative solutions in the energy sector is the Restart Energy Innovative Technologies (REIT) AG. In the words of Armand Domuța, the Chairman of the Board of REIT, “Our goal is to use bleeding-edge technology and innovative business models to democratize a sector burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs: freeing up capital, saving money, helping local power producers earn more and laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. Experienced in the traditional energy supply business, REIT AG understands that the future of energy production and consumption lies in giving people and businesses freedom to access and participate in a more sustainable energy ecosystem unfettered by bureaucracy and outmoded business models. REIT AG aggregates the two main attributes of the group, the experience and successful track record of our legacy business, the energy supply company and bold approach of the energy sector through technology with our RED Platform.”

Overview Of REIT AG & Restart Energy

Restart Energy Innovative Technologies (REIT) AG is a Switzerland-based holding company. The company funds, researches, and develops notable energy-tech startups. Their goal is to build and maintain an ecosystem of innovation in sustainability. REIT AG adds traditional revenue-generating assets in Upstream (Renewables) and Downstream (Energy Supply) value lines to highly scalable and innovative ventures with market-ready products and services in the field of climate change technology, carbon offset, renewable energy, and sustainability.

On the other hand, Restart Energy is an independent natural gas and electricity supplier for companies and homes. The company services more than 50,000 household customers and about 5,000 corporate customers. Restart Energy is currently operational in both countries of Romania and Serbia. With time, the company intends to expand into more European markets like Spain and Germany.

How to Participate in the Upcoming STO

For any investor to participate in the upcoming REIT AG STO, they have to prove that they have offset their CO2 emissions and attained net-zero emissions. Investors can do this by first creating an account on the RED Platform. Once the accounts have been created, they can calculate their CO2 emissions using the special tools available on the platform. They can offset the emissions by validating their sustainable actions, such as the production or consumption of green energy. Alternatively, these investors can purchase carbon offset certificates from the certified projects available on the RED Platform.

The RED Platform

The RED Platform is the first tokenized carbon offset ecosystem. The platform enables companies and individuals to calculate their carbon footprint and access tokenized carbon credits for their healthy environmental activities. The carbon credits are certified as non-fungible token (NFT) chips on the blockchain. The RED platform architecture is based on a new-generation blockchain protocol known as Zalmoxis, under the brand of Restart Energy.

Zalmoxis is an improved version of the Ethereum blockchain. It runs on a combination of both Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Authority (PoA) to solve the issue of scalability. The interesting thing about the Zalmoxis protocol is that it retains all the positive attributes of the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, energy consumption is a thousand times lower, emissions are zero, gas fees are almost zero, and the speed is about 100 higher.


Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG is undoubtedly laying the foundation for a sustainable future. Democratizing the energy sector will help open it up to investors and positive reforms. This is exactly what REIT Company is clamoring for, and they are on course for a positive end. You can subscribe to receive the exclusive blockchain report.

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