Robinos, an Upcoming Tokenized Prediction Platform, Crowdfund and Product Launch to Take Place on Q4 2021

Robinos, which aims to level the field for stay-at-home traders and sports fans, among other participants, plans to crowdfund in Q4 2021.

Presale Details to be revealed

As per the project's roadmap, pre-sale details will be made public in due course. However, the team urges community members to closely monitor Robinos' official social media channels for official announcements. Soon after the Robinos IDO, they will launch its token farms and launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon.

The decision to launch on the BSC and Polygon is tactical for the tokenized prediction platform. As they plan to tokenize and facilitate the trading of representative tokens of some of Europe's elite tournaments like the English Premier League and the Champions Leagues, every transaction will be on-chain for participating traders.

Polygon and the BSC are scalable and differentiated with relatively low trading fees, unlike legacy, first-generation smart contracting platforms. This is suitable for traders who wish to participate without necessarily having to part away with a big chunk of their winnings as network fees. Besides, they are interoperable with Ethereum, the first and the most active smart contracting platform. This gives the developers of Robinos a leeway to expand and bridge into Ethereum and other EVM-compatible activity-dense networks as per the demands of its global, decentralized community.

Problem Statement

Robinos will also release the first Represented Token sale on the Prediction Platform app and their Sports Trading education blog as part of their campaign to onboard users.

In their assessment, they note that developers of earlier versions of blockchain-based predictions platforms failed to consider the role of the end-user in advancing their goals. Novel as their ideas were, their failure to create a predictions platform with an easy-to-use interface while discarding the social aspect of traders ultimately pulled them down due to low conversion rates. Without activity, even their craftily designed and complex smart contracts weren't of no use despite often gobbling a considerable fraction of funding.

Moreover, the automation of smart contracts and high-profile hacks scuttle user participation. In the past few years, smart contract-powered projects, even those whose codes have been approved and certified to be safe, have been exploited and, cumulatively, hundreds of billions of dollars lost.

Robinos' Plans in Resolving Long-standing Hitches

At the center of Robinos' solution is rolling out a product that brings out the best of ease-of-use, the gaming aspect, and the security of funds using the Ethereum-based Gnosis Safe, a digital asset manager. Already leveraging a scalable base layer, Robinos plans to level the field, lowering the participation threshold for traders to profit from their knowledge and passion.

Aware that linking sporting events to a sportsbook is the closest the blockchain community has ever had to launch a predictions platform that could be mainstream, Robinos would create an avenue for users to make trading decisions from sporting news they enjoy reading, trade representative tokens, and win rewards.

Fans of teams forming their partner leagues in the NBA or the English Premier League, for example, can buy their team's tokens before the official season starts. The real-time performance of these teams will directly affect their token prices. Since there are time frame limitations with sportsbooks, represented tokens of each team available in Robinos Prediction Platform will allow users to hold or trade their represented tokens throughout the competition, allowing for price fluctuations.

During this time, a trader can swap between tokens, trading depending on prevailing performance conditions. However, Robinos has also indicated that token holders of teams posting decent performances and finishing in respectable cut-off positions will receive rewards from the prize pool pot created by the tokenized prediction platform. This would be something new in the industry, as very often, only 1 team will be rewarded.

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