The New Era of Real Estate: Interview with CEO of Passive Income

The New Era of Real Estate: Interview with CEO of Passive Income

As years go by, tokenization has grown into an incredibly fast-growing phenomenon. Everything, from real estate to art marketplace, can now find its place on digital ledger technology -  and this trend is expected to go further, with it forecast to surpass  $4 billion by 2025 (around twice the value it currently stores). Reasons for this steep growth – the number of anti-fraud laws, as well as the surging interest in the contactless payments and decentralized cloud technologies will provide an abundant opportunity for investment inflow.

With $65.61 billion in value already locked within a decentralized economy, numerous startups are leveraging this opportunity to ride the incrementing wave.

Among these startups is the Passive Income project. The team behind this company are destabilizing conventional yield generation methods and instead taking a step towards a sustainable Decentralized Financial Passive Income generation model. This is through a detailed roadmap of over 15 products and services that have been developed and designed with long term passive revenue in mind.

Some of the products are designed specifically for the crypto market such as: a DeFi exchange, launchpad for new tokens and NFT marketplaces. Others are designed for offline users, allowing long term revenue streams even through a bearish crypto market. This includes a campsite and real estate marketplace, with many more opportunities coming in the future.

The experienced team at Passive Income aren’t short of ambition, with plans of their exchange (PSIDEX) to eventually reach a comparable volume of trades to Pancakeswap. This will equate to around $15m volume per day, of which the PSIDEX will redirect 0.1% of this back to PSI holders. With this being just one of many revenue streams, it’s not hard to see how these passive revenue streams can add up quickly.

Passive Income has also created a new service for companies looking to make their first moves into the world of crypto. NaaS (NFT as a Service) is designed to allow companies to quickly and easily tokenize their assets. Partnering with Omni Estate Group, Passive Income has created the first tokenization solution for the real estate market within Europe. Working so closely with a prestigious luxury brand has enabled the team at Passive Income to help bring the benefits of crypto to a wider audience of investors who may never have realised the potential of a digital currency.

The long-term plan is to develop a dense network of NFT marketplaces within multiple industries with the renewable energy, entertainment and marine industries being potential clients for new marketplaces.

Between the NaaS offering, the launchpad (PSIPAD) and the exchange (PSIDEX), there are many high-volume opportunities to generate passive revenue for investors. This audited and trustworthy eco-system truly revolutionizes the ability for people to earn a passive income within the new and exciting world of blockchain technology.

I have prepared a few questions for the CEO of Passive Income in order to find out more on the advantages of leveraging blockchain to solve the real-world problems, as well as how the blockchain can overturn many existing industries suffering from the pandemic.

First question – how far, in your opinion, will the trend of tokenization go? What is the next achievable milestone?

We haven’t seen anything yet. In my opinion, the trend of tokenization hasn’t even started. Yes, we’ve seen the beginning craze where people were tokenizing art, memes and digital assets - but we have yet to see true tokenization of real world assets.

The real world needs to catch up with crypto before we can look at tokenization of valued assets such as gold or silver, but these things are possible. Apart from development of a fast enough infrastructure, there aren’t many reasons why we couldn’t even start to look at moving the stock market onto the blockchain using NFTs to replace shares.  

Currently there are many regulations in place that need to be tackled before real world assets can be listed as NFTs, but the team at OMNI have made a lot of progress in enabling real estate tokenization and investment.

The next step for NFTs is where developers work with real life businesses to help ideas become true possibilities and I see every real-world sector having a race to see which company can get a real world asset tokenized. OMNI is the first luxury real estate brand in Europe, but who will be the first energy company, who will be the first law firm? The possibilities are truly limitless and we’ve only just scratched the surface.

How has the introduction of NFTs already transformed the post-covid industry landscape of real estate – and what other changes in conventional operations we may expect?

Already you are able to see that NFTs promote far more transparency than conventional contracts. This isn’t just within the real estate industry, but can be applied across the board to any industry. It’s possible to store a contract between people within a hash that is stored within an NFT. Due to the nature of these tokens, it’s impossible to edit them making it a lot harder for any corruption. This makes contracts a lot safer in less developed countries or anywhere where corruption still plays a big role within society.

What is your view on investment opportunities in DeFi? Which projects, in your opinion, will sustain and have a potential to set the pace for this rapidly expanding niche?

I believe that if a project continues to develop and brings true utility to a token’s value then they have a very high chance of survival and growth within this rapidly growing industry.

Some of the projects I see having a bright future include:

I have a lot of interest in Synthetic network with their construction of positive debt interest.

I'm highly convinced Fantom will become a highly used chain. And we’ve all seen what happens to chains when they reach a mass adoption.

Matic is one the most well-known projects to start being truly discovered this year. Many people find it easy to use their chain and it’s understandable why it's so competitive with BNB and ETH.

I need to mention Passive Income. We are a small startup that is continually building new income streams for our holders with several already online. There are huge plans over the next 5 years, with the following products already online or in active development: PSIDEX, PSIPAD, PSI CAMP & a NFT MARKETPLACE.

OMNI Real Estate are currently fractionalizing real estate ownerships. Through OMNI you are able to invest in an entire property or partially own a property through NFTs. With the real estate market worth over $270 trillion, this is a truly unique opportunity to merge the high value worlds of both crypto and property investment.

What is your view on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency – is it ever likely to fully replace fiat?

Technology is moving at an unprecedented pace. Just 10 years ago, the market cap of Bitcoin was $23.6 million, in 2021 we’ve hit $814 billion. With this level of continued growth and mass-adoption (as seen recently in El Salvador), it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that cryptocurrencies will soon become the norm, perhaps one day we will see a cryptocurrency replacing FIAT as a single world-wide currency.

This is unlikely to happen in the next decade due to the required change in legislation and pushback from institutions, but it is definitely something that we see happening within our lifetime as technology evolves quicker and people truly understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Having in mind the aggressive stance of Turkey towards crypto, what would you say is the future of crypto regulations?

We’ve seen many instances in the past where people have always pushed back against change. Look at the energy sector where we have large companies lobbying against the use of renewable energy sources even though they have been proven to work. This happens with any industry with new disruptive technologies and we’re fully expecting the financial industry to do everything they can to prevent the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Laws and legislations will be coming in fast over the next 10 years with many countries attempting to outright ban crypto, before they release their own ‘digital currencies’. As governments and big institutions fight for control over cryptocurrencies, it’s important to remember that the core selling point of crypto is that it is decentralized and not controlled by a single party.

As long as people want a decentralized currency, there will always be a use-case for crypto, no matter what laws and legislations are put in place.

In which way has Passive Income revolutionized the existing model? What were its fundamental flaws?

Traditionally, tokens built with a reflect function are fully dependent on the trading volume of their coins. Over time, as the hype dies down, the volume will decrease and the dividends will slowly decrease as well. This eventually leads to the demise of the project.

PSI has completely revolutionized this concept by producing a full eco-system to support the generation of passive income for our investors. The frictionless yield generated through trades is only one of many sustainable revenue streams that we have created.

We have a multitude of platforms and use-cases that are designed to continuously create additional income streams. All of our platforms require a small fee for use, which will then be shared evenly between our holders.

To ensure the long-term success of PSI, we have some platforms (such as our real estate NFT marketplace) which are designed to be independent of the crypto market, allowing PSI holders to earn additional revenue even when the crypto market is down.

What makes your native token – PSI – stand out from other assets on the market?

Our team is highly experienced and innovative. To ensure trust with our user base we are all fully KYC’d and public, with all of our team easily contactable via our Telegram community or Linkedin. We are planning on holding even more regular community events with a dedicated calendar so those without Linkedin or Telegram can still engage with our core team.

Bjorn (Passive Income CEO) has spent the last 6 months travelling and building business relationships with high profile brands. This ability to network in the ‘real world’ allows us to bridge the gap between traditional businesses and crypto. By expanding outside of the cryptocurrency bubble, we are able to capitalize on new opportunities that many other projects would never be able to accomplish.

These projects will provide a sustainable passive income for our users throughout the year, no matter how the crypto market is looking.

Could you tell us a bit more about the features of PSIPAD – what makes this Launchpad so original?
  • Filter by KYC projects
  • Filter by audited projects
  • PSI holders earn through pre-sales
  • Built from the ground up for speed and security
  • Friendly and approachable support for those launching new projects
  • Great networking opportunities allowing projects to connect with trustworthy marketing services
What benefits do you see from synergizing the real-world assets with the technological foundation of blockchain? How will it be able to generate the stable flow of income?

The blockchain is the middleman of the future. Where we currently use lawyers, notaries and licenses - we can start to use the blockchain to provide some of their services. Jobs that require a high level of trust can be replaced using safe and transparent technology on the blockchain. We aren’t there yet and current technology still needs to mature but I believe it’s a question of ‘when will this happen?’ and not ‘is this going to happen?’.

What is your ambition on the global scale within the span of 5 years?

Within 5 years we are aiming to have fully completed our development of the PSI ecosystem. By expanding our services and developing apps continually over the next few years, we aim to become one of the pioneers within the blockchain development sector.

Our applications (both digital and real-world), will allow investors to earn passive income in a way that has not been possible prior to widespread adoption of blockchain technology and we are incredibly excited to be leading the charge on this ever changing landscape.

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