The next generation of crypto investors are gamer

The next generation of crypto investors are gamer

Now that you know, you are curious to know about the Citrus token. Here is a brief detail about it.

Citrus is a newly launched Binance smart chain token that aims to boost the gaming industry and gaming by integrating blockchain systems into the games. Citrus introduces the next generation DeFi Systems that are great for users. From its initial stages, Citrus is very clear about revolutionizing the gaming industry. It aims to bring in AI games that are highly immersive. Further, the gamers can use the Citrus token in playing advanced online games. They can even share their rewards.

Why Citrus is good for investment?

Citrus is good for investment because it offers you a legitimate team spread across the globe to develop a unique gaming token. The team includes everyone to offers the best experience to the investors.

Citrus also gets structured after a detailed analysis of the codes. This makes the complete system unique. Timely auditing also prevents any sort of bugs in the smart chain network. The Token also comes designed that helps the users to use it practically in gaming or buying any asset from the real world. This is why it is good for investment.

Token Distribution

There are 3,80,000,000 total tokens that will get distributed. The smart chain network will lock 1,63,400,000 tokens for five years. Further, in the bounty and airdrops, 17,000,000 shall get distributed. The private sale will also include the same number and the IDO will include 53,200,000 tokens.

How much big is gaming industry?

Well, there may be news about the recent fluctuation in the price of crypto, but still, a lot of investors are moving into crypto. Crypto investment is offering a great boost to all the investors to kick start their investment portfolio. You can find many best tokens to invest in 2021. One such profitable investors are the gamers. The trading kingdom offers great value to the billion-dollar gaming industry.

Further, Crypto Token and the blockchain system are the two trending topics that busted at the conference of gaming developers.

In 2021, In a new report, Accenture (NYSE: ACN) estimates that the full value of the gaming industry now exceeds $300 billion, more than the combined markets for movies and music, driven by a surge in mobile gaming and an emphasis on social interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accenture’s “Gaming: the new superplatform” report finds gaming represents $200B in direct spend and influences another $100B+ in indirect revenue.

There are much-leading gaming industries that use blockchain technology. The employment of blockchain is also transforming the virtual gaming industry. Many companies are also using blockchain technology to transform the gaming essential into real-world assets. So, this, as a result, will bring in more crypto investors as gamers.

The gaming industry conference also stated that they would soon start pricing the blockchain games in the form of crypto tokens. This will assure a constant flow of crypto investors as gamers.

Why will gamers invest in crypto?

The connections between gamers and crypto world is very old. The most crucial reason that backs this statement is the use of virtual money in gaming. Yes! For ten or more years now, virtual currency is a part of gaming. Many games enable users to buy digital gold using fiat currency.

Even long before the introduction of virtual currency, the gamers use to invest their fiat currency to buy diamonds and gold to reach a certain level in the game. So, the investment in virtual assets or crypto tokens is nothing new to gamers. They even know how to turn it on to earn more profits.

There are other instances as well where gamers did use the fiat currencies to purchase mini free games, gaming assets, and many more. This has also made the gaming companies earn billions. So, gamers will revolutionize the crypto industry by cashing in.

How does crypto help gamers?

There are many perks that gamers will get from their crypto investment. One of the greatest perks that they get is the elimination of the need for fiat currency. This is because; many free-to-play mini-games are sold in crypto. This is gaining much more popularity because gamers now will not need fiat currency to buy these games. They can just use their crypto tokens to buy.

Further, the employment of cryptocurrency token in gaming solves a lot of hassles. Earlier, the gamers faced a lot of issues in the ownership of the gaming assets. After the delete of the account, the gaming assets became invalid. However, after the tokenizing of gaming assets, the gamers can keep these assets locked in their digital asset. This will help gamers secure their assets as long as they decide to sell or trade them again.

How Citrus help to develop Gaming Industry?

The Citrus is a Binance smartchain token that gets developed only for the gaming industry and gamers. Citrus Token is a gaming token mined to boost blockchain gaming systems. The funds coming from it help experts develop highly advanced multi-player games to deliver the best online gaming arena to gamers.

Citrus's games will indulge immersive experience to employ Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. This will restructure the whole gaming industry. Further, the Citrus games developed by the Citrus will offer many perks to the gamers. The gamers can even share their rewards and bonuses. So be an early bird and invest as soon as in Citrus if you want to earn a huge profit. Citrus offers a 10% bonus on the first week, a 7% bonus on the second week and a 5% bonus on the third week.

USP Return

The USPs that you get from the token are:

  • Blockchain games
  • Legit team
  • Audited and analyzed code
  • Real-world use of coins
  • Affix system
  • Philanthropy

Private Sale

Citrus starting the private sales on 11th July that offer higher bonus to the owners. 14% of the tokens will get sold in private sales. The investors participating in the 1st week of private sales will get tokens at $0.50. Similarly, in the second and 3rd weeks, you can get the tokens at $0.75 and $0.95.


Summarizing the complete article, Citrus Token is the future of the gaming industry. It will open up many opportunities for gamers. That not the end! The AI and AR in games will offer you the best gaming experience.

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