The Role of Blockchain in Scaling the Fitness and Wellness Industry

The Role of Blockchain in Scaling the Fitness and Wellness  Industry
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Blockchain is unquestionably the technology of the future, as evidenced by numerous industries leveraging blockchain to improve and scale in the last decade. The finance industry has benefited greatly from this, with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) introducing new and limitless possibilities in the financial space. Blockchain technology has also been used in the gaming and art industries, among others. What distinguishes blockchain is its immutability and decentralization, as people begin to embrace blockchain for strong data privacy and total decentralization.

The fitness industry is one that has recently jumped on the blockchain bandwagon, prompted by the role that online fitness apps played in the COVID-19 pandemic. While there was an increase in fitness app usage during the pandemic, certain issues must be addressed and additional incentives must be implemented in order for the fitness industry to efficiently scale and evolve.

How Does Blockchain Come in?

While the recent increase in the use of online fitness apps by fitness enthusiasts is a positive development for the fitness industry, there are some issues that have caused users to discontinue use of these apps. One critical issue is the leak of personal information, which is quite common in centralized fitness applications. Users' personal information is harvested without their consent by research companies and institutes. Blockchain technology prevents this from happening because privacy protection is a key feature of the technology, making it nearly impossible for users' data to be taken and used for research or other purposes without their consent.

Another significant issue that has slowed the progress of the health and fitness industry is the lack of incentives and zero appeal of the fitness apps that are currently available. Extra incentives must be provided to retain users, and blockchain technology can help by providing in-app gamification, digital assets as bonuses, and digitizing the user experience of online fitness apps.

A health and fitness company has taken steps to address these issues by utilizing blockchain technology to provide in-app gamification, loyalty bonuses, and an in-app digital currency that can be staked and earned as part of their referral and bonus system, as well as embracing decentralization to protect users' privacy.

Introducing 360Wellness

360Wellness is a game-changing decentralized fitness and wellness marketplace that connects people with professionals all over the world to help them stay Fit & Healthy at Home. Making everyone's living room their personal at-home fitness studio. 360Wellness is an online fitness app that aims to use blockchain technology to change the landscape of the health and fitness industry.
360Wellness recently launched the first-of-its-kind "digital fitness cryptocurrency" $DEFIT on their platform. DEFIT would serve as the native token on their fitness and wellness platform, providing a very reliable, fast, and effective alternative to accepting fiat currencies as payment for its online fitness community.

The DEFIT token was also developed to improve in-app gamification and user privacy in the online fitness space. It is also important for customer retention/user loyalty to provide a variety of options on the platform, including but not limited to staking and solely user-beneficial rewards.
The creation of the DEFIT token is in line with 360Wellness's mission to become a fully decentralized and efficient fitness and wellness marketplace by avoiding all complications associated with managing multiple fiat currencies, abandoning traditional banking methods and high transactional fees for their digital goods, and offering physical services directly in the 360Wellness app.

360Wellness has very unique in-app features which keeps them ahead of their competitors and they include:

  • World’s first lifestyle tracker: 360Wellness has created the world's first wellness habit tracker, allowing users to efficiently track how they sleep, eat, train, and feel all on one platform. Each user registered on the platform receives daily updates along with a unique WLNS score, as well as personal insights on how to improve overall wellness. This was created in collaboration with industry professionals and sports scientists.
  • First of its kind cryptocurrency integration with online fitness classes
  • User experience: They have transformed the overall user experience by incorporating a no-menu feature and a swipe function within the mobile app, resulting in a seamless and simple to use interface.

There are also user benefits available on the 360Wellness platform which includes:

  • Earning rewards by referring family and friends to the platform.
  • Earning achievement rewards and incentives when they reach fitness milestones on the 360Wellness Tracker based on Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery, and Sleep.
  • Earning rewards and incentives for being the most active users on the platform by making the most progress and meeting their fitness goals.
  • Earning rewards for being top coin users, as well as for using the DEFIT token to make transactions and payments.
  • Earning rewards for using the wellness habit tracker to track their activities on a consistent basis.
  • Enhanced data security & accessibility to personal fitness data analytics.
Closing Thoughts

The health and wellness industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and with the advent of blockchain, there are endless possibilities yet to be unlocked, which is critical for the industry's optimal functioning. 360Wellness has taken the first, bold step in implementing this technology, and while it is still in its early stages, there is reason to be optimistic about the future of the health and wellness industry as it moves closer to embracing decentralization and becoming an important gamechanger in the fitness and wellness industry.

If you would like to understand more about DEFIT and what they are trying to do for the fitness community, or you want to be a part of DEFIT’s thriving online community , you can reach out via the following channels:


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