Titano Finance is Breaking Ground with Their Own Decentralised Exchange

Titano Finance is Breaking Ground with Their Own Decentralised Exchange
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A look at the major benefits for DeFi projects in developing their own DEX.

Titano Finance continues to reach significant milestones. The innovative auto-staking protocol on BSC, with a fixed 102%k APY now has over 75,000 wallet holders, a market cap has over $250 million, and a successful audit by Certik, cryptocurrency’s top auditing firm.

So what’s next for Titano, one of DeFi’s hottest projects? In April 2022, they are taking the bold step of launching its own decentralized exchange, or DEX for short. This news has been very well received by the Titano community, but those new to DeFi may question why this step is necessary? Why would Titano replace Pancake Swap, the default DEX on Binance Smart Chain? The answer is multifaceted and concerns revenue, deflation and liquidity.

Today, Titano's sole source of revenue is from a 13% tax on Titano token purchases and an 18% tax on Titano token sales. These taxes enable the protocol to capture significant funds used to pay expenses, reward token holders, and further develop the project. These fees are collected by Pancake Swap that charges fees.

Pancake Swap takes a 0.08% fee on every Titano token transaction, which seems small, but over the past four months, Pancake Swap has made more than $2 million in fees from facilitating Titano trades. A staggering amount to be sure.

An additional issue is what happens with those fees. Pancake Swap accumulates Titano tokens, holds and earns interest from them, and then sells them on the open market at random times. These sells cause noticeable price fluctuations for the Titano token, which can unsettle some investors. By creating their own DEX, Titano will capture significant income and remove the uncertainty from Pancake Swap sell-offs.

Launching a DEX isn't just about making additional income from fees however. A problem with having a fixed 102k% APY is that over the long term, there is high token inflation. Titano tackles this partly with weekly token burns that have amounted to more than $250 million of burned Titano. Once the new DEX is launched, the team will burn a percentage of all fees from transactions. This will reduce inflation and help to stabilise the circulating token supply, bringing significant value to all holders.

Estimated revenue from the new DEX, is over $1 million a month, with additional revenue projected from having other projects move their liquidity to the DEX. If the team can onboard just 10 projects with similar volume to Titano, it would generate $10 million a month in fees alone. Other benefits include the visibility the DEX provides Titano and a confirmation that the project is seriously focused on long term sustainability.

There is also a benefit to owning your own liquidity. Doing so gives the project more control of key elements of your project. This includes opening up new direct swap options to reduce fees, reducing LP token reward rates to give individuals better pricing, and several other beneficial options that can help the project provide additional benefits to token holders and partners. These options can also be used to encourage other projects to make the change to Titano’s DEX.

Additionally, building its own DEX helps with security and ease of use. When an investor must utilize various websites and protocols to buy or sell a token, each step is a security risk potentially exposing the investor to malicious actors. The DEX allows Titano to keep investors within their own ecosystem that is safe and secure. It is also less cumbersome for investors.

On a related note, Binance has recently announced that it is working to integrate with more Dapps built on the Binance Smart Chain and Titano has plans to approach Binance to integrate the DEX natively with Binance’s app and website. This would introduce them to Titano economy where they can earn life changing yields. When you consider all of the amazing benefits Titano gains by building its own DEX, it becomes obvious why this is a major positive step for the project.

With the DEX’s imminent release, the Titano team has decided to delay the implementation of the Certik changes and the launch of the V2 token. The migration, contract changes, and the DEX will be launched simultaneously within the month. And to add to their list of new and exciting use cases in April, Titano we will reintroduce Titano PLAY, and new projects including DeFi’s biggest lottery. The Titano NFTs and new yet to be announced partnerships will soon follow.

The Titan DEX release represents a new stage in the growth of Titano. It promises to give the project a long list of benefits to solidify its position as a leader in the DeFi space.

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