Why Crypterium’s CRPT is a crypto asset to watch in 2021

Why Crypterium’s CRPT is a crypto asset to watch in 2021

As all cryptocurrencies are in the process of recording new all-time highs, investors and speculators keep a close eye on low-cap projects. CRPT, the native asset of Crypterium, makes for a viable candidate. As a crypto neo bank, Crypterium is turning a lot of heads recently.

Looking Beyond Bitcoin And Ethereum

For newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry, the sheer amount of digital assets to invest in can be overwhelming. Thousands of currencies compete for traction, requiring investors and speculators to conduct thorough research. Although most currencies may never gain broad traction, there are still hidden gems to be uncovered. Any project with a viable ecosystem and long-term outlook or roadmap is worth a second look.

Whereas most people will never look beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is potential money to be made through lesser-known alternative currencies. Although these projects may not always make the big headlines right away, you should not dismiss them either. Several analysts have high expectations for CRPT, the Ethereum-based token of crypto-focused neo bank Crypterium.

Unlike other projects that focus on the "banking" side of crypto, Crypterium is spearheaded by former VISA General manager Steven Parker. Over the past few years, the team has become one of the leading cryptocurrency wallet service providers in the industry. By servicing clients in over 170 countries, this service has a much broader range than most alternative crypto assets.

Building The CRPT Ecosystem

Rather than trying to do just one feature right, Crypterium provides multiple solutions. Their services include exchange, trading, investing, and cashing out of crypto assets. Furthermore, there is the Wallet and Card, two B2C products that continue to gain more traction. Combined with mobile apps for iOS and Android, the team is building a crucial gateway for those looking to enter the crypto industry.

The current interest in CRPT is not new either. Crypterium's native asset has been on Teeka Tiwari's radar since 2020, when he projected the price could rise by 700% in the next few years. As the ecosystem noted a significant increase in monthly profits and turnover that year - with bigger growth possible in 2021 - that prediction may not be too far off. Tiwari predicted a CRPT price of $1.92 by 2022 based on the ecosystem's expected Gross Dollar Volume.

What makes CRPT worthwhile is how it covers the fees for all activities happening within the Crypterium ecosystem. Even if the user doesn't hold CRPT, they will still see their costs covered. As more businesses rely on Crypterium's wallet and payments infrastructure, the user acquisition will keep accelerating. That will, in turn, create more attention for CRPT.

The past few months have been positive for CRPT. The asset notes a 321% rally in the price department, surpassing Bitcoin's uptrend of 274%. The strong fundamentals of CRPT and the growing ecosystem adoption are all contributing factors. As Crypterium exceeds 150 million EUR in turnover, the year 2021 may offer even more significant growth across the board.

Closing Thoughts

It is crucial to prioritize the long-term appeal and vision for any cryptocurrency or digital asset before investing. Crypterium's ecosystem notes significant growth lately, which can bring more value to the CRPT token. If the team can achieve its long-term goal of 1 billion EUR in transaction volume and servicing 5 million users worldwide, the CRPT value can reach the projected goal of just under $2 in the future.

Fueling constant and consistent growth is never an easy feat; however, Crypterium's many different services provide a B2C approach that few other companies are willing to explore. Many different roads lead to success, and providing a suite of tools and services can eventually lead to CRPT breaking out.

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