Why Gate.io is a go-to platform for new crypto projects

Why Gate.io is a go-to platform for new crypto projects

This is a very exciting time for the cryptocurrency industry, when prices are soaring and adoption is higher than ever. Everybody seems to be after crypto investments, with recent reports even suggesting that TIME Magazine plans to invest in Bitcoin.

With increased adoption comes an increased number of new traders who need to find the best exchange to do their trading and investing. One of the best places for doing so is Gate.io startup — an exchange that has been around since 2013, making it one of the oldest major platforms in the crypto industry that still operates today.

But, while Gate.io is an excellent location for traders, it is an even better one for high-quality projects.

The place for High-Quality Projects

Gate.io is likely one of the best places for new projects to launch, for a variety of reasons. According to CryptoRank.io, the Gate.io Startup’s ROI ranks as 2nd among all centralized exchanges. With the crypto sector full of exchanges and trading platforms, this is quite an achievement that should not be overlooked.

So far, the platform has launched a lot of major tokens, all of which ended up being extremely successful, including the likes of TOTM, COOK, YIELD, OXY, HAPI, ALN, and more.

CryptoRank rating website’s statistics also revealed that Gate.io’s earnings rate ranks third in the world, while simultaneously being the second in the brand. As of July 25th, 2020, the highest average earnings rate of all projects is 971.53, while the current average yield rate is 159.98%.

But, the real reasons why you should consider it are things like the fact that the exchange offers a safe and efficient channel for distribution. This is beneficial for projects because they will know that the platform is safe, with rigorous audits, and a mechanism that is nothing short of perfect, after all the work that the platform put into it. The users are also quite safe as they participate in early-bird buying, and they have the opportunity to obtain considerable returns in the later stage.

So, everyone has safety and opportunity simultaneously, with an extremely high rate of return. One of the projects that launched on the platform, the project DAO, started trading on February 9th after seeing a January launch, which already reached a maximum profit of 66 times. All it took was 9 days, and note that the participation principle was only 0.1 USDT on January 18th. One month later, the coin’s price surged to 6.69 USDT.

The History of Gate.io Startup

Gate.io has been around for a long time now. It emerged as a Chinese BTC exchange known as Bter.com, and as such, it is one of the oldest trading platforms in the world. In 2017, the exchange decided to rebrand and start anew, becoming Gate.io. This was partially done due to China’s crypto.

ban that came around the same time, and the exchange was forced to close its old domain, drop fiat trading pairs, and become a crypto-to-crypto and yuan OTC trading platform. These days, it is still one of the largest exchanges, with a massive 3,500 daily BTC volume.

The exchange also ranks as 3rd on CoinMarketCap when it comes to the number of markets.

The platform’s news announcements are filled with reports of new listings, with the most recent ones being Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Anyswap (ANY), Nerve Finance (NRV), plenty of margin trading and lending support for new tokens, and more.

Innovation and Development of Gate.io

The platform is not as big as it is without reason — it has made itself this strong through being open, but also extremely innovative. It features a strict review process so that no faulty or shady projects would pass through and become offered to users who trust the platform. Gate.io cares about this trust and it doesn’t wish to jeopardize it. At the same time, it is also known for the speed of its listing, so it doesn’t only conduct strict checks, but it does it extremely quickly.

It is a go-to place for a lot of participants in the crypto industry, and it offers countless items for those participants. As such, it is making an impact on the crypto sector and setting the bar high for other similar platforms.

It also has its token, GT, which came up very quickly, and it serves as its native cryptocurrency, similarly to BNB on Binance or HT on Huobi.

Naturally, the exchange’s success has a very positive impact on the token’s price, while the token’s overall added values positively affect the company. The two coexist perfectly, and together, they managed to inject new vitality into the IEO method, gradually receiving verification and recognition not only from their own users, but also the rest of the market.

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