Why you should use Product Hunt to find investors

Product Hunt is a social platform that allows community members to post exciting products, mostly digital ones. Since its launch, the website has gained extreme popularity and has quickly grown to be the equivalent of what Hacker News is for developers. On the platform, products are submitted and upvoted by members. It serves as the place for product discovery, and users discover companies and the people behind the products.

It was founded back in 2013, and since then, it became extremely popular. It has over 4.88 million visits, with the majority of visitors (27.01%) being US-based. However, the site is visited by community members from 252 countries, and it is a great way for startups to gain exposure around the world.

As mentioned, your success on PH is decided by the community. This is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, you can get your future customers' feedback before you even finish your product.

Next, if they like it, you will gain exposure, which is pretty much free marketing, and you will be seen by investors. The investors' goal is to make money, and the best way for them to do so is to invest in a product that the community likes.

By ranking high on Product Hunt, you will prove that there is demand and/or interest in what you have to offer, which is pretty much the best way to attract investors.

If you are a resilient entrepreneur, and there is good alignment between you and the solution you are building, investors will definitely be interested.

The community itself views Product Hunt as the source of everything new and cool. Gaining exposure on the site will get you even more exposure in the tech world. Your primary goal is to get to Product Hunt, and impress the community first. You can use the site to assess current trends, and even analyze the competition. But, the community should really be the focus, as this is the aspect of the website that makes it so great.

There is no tricking your way in here — if your product isn't good, it won't rank high, and that is that.

Don't be intimidated, however. Neither you nor your product will get judged. People will mostly provide you with constructive feedback, and even if you rank high, you will still get suggestions about what to change, what to add, and what to remove. It is a great way to figure out what you did right, or what you did wrong, and whether or not your product has a user base.

Tips On How To Work On Product Hunt

To ensure your product is featured, get it on Product Hunt to be hunted. This involves signup on the platform using a personal account and then following the steps here.

  • Proceed to add your company website or product as the primary link followed by other links like Google Play or App Store, where people can download or use the product.

  • For the title, ensure its just the name of your product and no additional descriptions or emojis there.

  • On the tagline, ensure you describe what your product does in less than 60 characters by being specific and communicating the value the product offers to the people you are trying to reach.

  • On the thumbnail, describe your product visually either through a static image or subtle GIF that helps capture attention.

  • The gallery allows you to show off your product to the audience. It’s the first thing people see when they enter your post. Ensure you upload at least two assets here, either a video and an image. Ensure the image is “tweetable,” and this makes it easy for people and Product Hunt to promote your item.

  • For the description, add at least 1-2 sentences that describe your product to give users more information on what you are working on. Here, short to the point sentences work best.

  • When it comes to topics, choose only 3-4 topics for your product. However, avoid things like “User Experience” as a topic even though the product might boast an excellent user experience. For example, a product management app may include “Designer Tools,” “Developer Tools,” and “Productivity.”

  • For makers, where possible, add the usernames of all the people that worked on the product, i.e., personal accounts only. This can result in more discovery since followers of each maker receive a notification on the launch day. It also helps the individuals join the conversation and receive recognition for their hard work.

  • On the Media tab, add links from around the web that are related to your product. So any news publications, product reviews, Medium articles, or funding announcements can be added and will help people to learn more about the product/company.

  • Add maker comment where you briefly introduce yourself, the rest of the team, and the problem you are solving. In total, 3-4 sentences should explain who the product is for, what’s the value prop is, why you are building it, and what’s the use case.

  • Proceed to add social links to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Instagram, and AngelList profiles to your post.

  • Finally, it’s time to launch/schedule. If you feel confident enough, the post is ready to go live right away; you can select the ‘Launch Now’ option, or you can schedule it to appear after a few days according to what works best for you.

Any Other Useful Data For Guys Looking For Investments

  • For submissions, you can try using top hunters to submit your product since they have more followers when submissions are made, all followers receive a notification. Influencers also have posting privileges, which means their submissions get directly to the front page.

  • When scheduling, you want your product to be posted as the first item in the morning. Product Hunt operates on PST, and your post will go live according to it, so timing is of the essence. Also, weekdays have more traffic compared to weekends, so you need to consider that.

  • Ensure you engage with the community through discussion. By replying to everything which will show you are active in the community and you care. This will make your post look more active and push it to the home feed.

  • Avoid asking for upvotes directly. You can ask for feedback, support, love, shares but not upvotes.

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