Yaroslav Gordeev Presents Full Phenom Ecosystem in an Official White Paper

Yaroslav Gordeev Presents Full Phenom Ecosystem in an Official White Paper
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The world is constantly evolving, leaving us with no choice but to keep evolving within it, developing our skills, and getting new experiences. In the last several years, humanity has been undergoing tremendous changes connected with technological advancement and social circumstances. The digital world has been taking over our lives, and of course, we had to adjust.

This way, at the intersection of humanity and technology, new solutions emerged - fully digitalized and ready to adapt to the ever-changing environment. One of those is the Phenom Ecosystem.

What is the Phenom Ecosystem?

The Phenom Ecosystem was created with one crucial idea in mind - making technology useful and valuable to people who use it. It is the end-user who is important at Phenom; they become a co-creator of the products by interacting with them, sharing feedback and ideas.

Such a collaboration of the human and technological aspects makes Phenom a digital ecosystem. This means that it is an autonomous complex of technical solutions and products, combined into a single entity, that meet various user needs and are available for use both as a complex and separately.

However, in contrast to classical digital ecosystems, such as Google or Facebook, Phenom was developed to shift the balance of benefits towards the user. The financial model, as well as the future development plan, have been created and are constantly improved with the end-user and community in mind.

This makes the Phenom Ecosystem not just a collection of technological solutions but something completely new for the IT industry. The project has a new approach of combining business, technology, entertainment, science, and communication. A transparent economy, a stimulus for development and work, motivation for new research and discoveries - these are all fundamental principles of Phenom.

Phenom Ecosystem components

At the moment, the Phenom Ecosystem contains six interconnected products: Phenom Network, Phenom Chain, Phenom Token, Phenom App, Phenom Explorer, and Phenom League.

Phenom Network

The Phenom Network is a decentralized foundational network that is created by the Ecosystem users and their smartphones. It works as a venue for all the Phenom products and activities, allowing users to acquire tokens, jointly develop products, participate in LEAGUE matches and tournaments, communicate with their teams in the Phenom Metaverse, etc. The Phenom team claims that the number of options for joint activities will only increase with the development of the Ecosystem.

Phenom Chain

Phenom Chain is a private blockchain, a distributed and autonomous database that unites all information and reports on user actions in the Ecosystem. The main goal of Phenom Chain within the Ecosystem is to ensure the implementation of the principle of decentralization, security, and transparency.

Thanks to the proficiency of the Phenom team, this blockchain provides higher efficiency, faster development speed, complete privacy, and stability. It was built based on the hybrid of PoS and PoA consensus algorithms, which allows only accredited participants to validate blocks, thus providing enhanced security.

Phenom Explorer

Phenom Explorer helps users to get easy, full access to information about tokenomics: how many tokens are mined, how many are stored, how many are in the reserve fund, and how many tokens the user has bought and spent. Moreover, the Phenom Explorer displays information about how many applications have been downloaded and what volume resources have been delegated. Literally, every user action within the Ecosystem is recorded in the Phenom Explorer using the Phenom Chain blockchain.

Phenom Token

Phenom Token, PNT, is a unique cryptocurrency developed specifically for Phenom Ecosystem to serve as the only currency throughout all products. PNT tokens are created, mined, stored, and sold exclusively within the Ecosystem. The token rate is directly influenced by the number of active users and the Staking rates.

Phenom App

In the Phenom Ecosystem, decentralization is achieved by means of millions of mobile devices located all over the globe. And Phenom App enables such decentralization powering Phenom technology. The application is used to access all Phenom products and services, participate in the validation process in the Phenom Chain, and interact with the Ecosystem. The latter includes  completing missions, taking part in the LEAGUE tournaments, and much more.


Phenom LEAGUE is a unique direction within the Ecosystem fully built on the principle of gamification. The LEAGUE allows users to compete with each other in tournaments, accept challenges, have fun, and earn tokens.

Except for the products mentioned above, the Phenom team plans on launching Phenom Game, Phenom Exchange, and Phenom Pay by the end of 2022. Besides, they are going to develop the Phenom Phone & OS, Phenom Browser, and Phenom Messenger in 2022 - 2025. The full roadmap was presented in September 2021 in the official White Paper of the project.

Yaroslav Gordeev, CEO of Phenom Ecosystem

Of course, there is a whole team behind Phenom, but the person who came up with the idea of the project and initiated its development is Yaroslav Gordeev, CEO of Phenom Ecosystem.

Yaroslav started his business career from scratch when he was only 17 and, since then, has reached leading positions in several industries. He launched and ran businesses all over the world and gained extensive experience in IT, entrepreneurship, and investments.

He’s been a successful investor for years, accumulating experience and learning from the best.

In 2014, he found out about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and eventually developed the idea of Phenom. Currently, he is taking full care of the Phenom Ecosystem as the CEO of the company and spends a lot of time connecting with the community and learning about their needs and wishes.

Yaroslav Gordeev is a highly rational businessman who believes in hard work and self-motivation for greater success. He thinks that constant self-development leads to consciousness and helps you fulfill your potential.

What to expect in the future

Phenom is a perfect example of a successful product ecosystem, which is a much more efficient business model than single products and services. We are sure that in the future, even more similar projects will emerge, providing users with more beneficial conditions for monetization and growth.

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