ZooTrade on Fantom Brings the Easiest Route to Buy ATRI token

ZooTrade on Fantom Brings the Easiest Route to Buy ATRI token
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ZooTrade, one of the most advanced trading platforms on Fantom DeFi, adds ATRI token to provide the community on Fantom with a simplistic and easy acquiring ATRI token. Atari Chain aims to unify the gaming industry with blockchain tech, changing the future of the interactive entertainment industry.

The blockchain industry has been experiencing exponential growth, and buying ATRI on Fantom is even better than ever! ZooTrade is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that locates the best trading routes across all DEXs on the Fantom blockchain. Essentially, it allows people to get ATRI in optimal quantities without being hit by the price impact or humongous transaction fees. Moreover, in case when a user tries to get a larger quantity of the tokens, if not available, ZooCoin's aggregator shows the better route to acquire it, which is an entirely new approach within the DeFi space.

Atari Chain brings a blockchain asset (ATRI token) that is optimal for the gaming industry. Their goal is to have ATRI used across the interactive entertainment industry in a versatile way, as tokens can be traded for real money independently. The Zoo-Atari collaboration enables users to buy ATRI on ZooDex, which further revolutionizes the interactive entertainment industry, as users can cost-effectively buy tokens. Atari plays a pivotal role in bridging the gaming industry to the blockchain industry, as this brings a whole new niche of users to the cryptocurrency market.

ZooCoin’s DEX aims to provide users with an experience that is unique, innovative, and transparent. According to the team, "We believe in the potential of fast & feeless blockchain & are ready to present the unified ecosystem built on Fantom”. Users who trade any quantity of cryptocurrency share the same need to have a platform that processes their transactions as quickly as possible and has minimal costs for those transactions. These goals pair nicely with Fantom as Fantom also shares the aim of having a secure, fast, decentralized, and low-cost platform.

ATRI on the Fantom blockchain plays an important role, as it is easy to use, adopt and has low fees. ATRI is also available on Uniswap DEX that operates on the Ethereum blockchain; however, the fees are significantly higher. In addition, ZooTrade offers users easy trading through their Limit Order option that Uniswap does not possess. Thus, it has a competitive edge over Uniswap. It can provide a similar yet innovative experience with lower fees and opportunities for the quantity of tokens clients wish to trade.

Even though ZooCoin is a relatively young project compared to the others out there, it's technically advanced with a committed team. ZooTrade’s aggregating feature on Fantom further revolutionizes the blockchain industry by providing users with a shortcut to locating the best options for their trade and saving them money in the process, a win-win! ATRI token is beneficial to both developers and gamers by enabling users to trade a stable, reliable, and simple token to use. Furthermore, ATRI is versatile as it can be used across various industries, not limited to the gaming industry.

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