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2020 Brings Easy And Transparent Ways to Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies Via Visa/Mastercard

The payment gateway via regular bank cards has placed the final brick in the bridge to the real world. In 2020 buying crypto is as simple as ordering a pizza online with your regular Mastercard or Visa card.

Lockdowns and Social Distancing: A Promising Outlook for Crypto Mainstream Adoption

Without any doubt, coronavirus has altered the everyday lives of people with growing numbers of infected cases and fatalities. For one, experts and authorities have advised us to practice social distancing. In some regions, they have imposed lockdowns to flatten the curve and get a handle on unfolding events. In

The Global Economy is in Tatters as the USD Strengthens as a Safe Haven

The global economy is hanging by a thread. The situation is worsened by analysts’ negative forecasts. This is despite the Dow Jones Industrial Average adding 469 points to 21,413.44 at the time of going to press. The index is up to two percent in the last day building

Blockchain: Promise, Practice, And Application of The Next Internet Technology

Blockchain by definition is essential information being stored on public databases in secure files that can be distinguished through unique but similar cryptographic codes. Whether it is impulsive online shopping through Amazon, a movie stream, multinational companies tracking trade or conglomerates joining forces for innovation, blockchain is used in all

20 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges For 2020

There are lots of forces responsible for the downturn of global markets that had an unprecedented side effect on the prices of digital assets. It is no longer news that the untamed spread of Covid-19 and Opec’s oil price crisis have had a devastating impact on the crypto market,

3 Blockchain Projects Enhancing The UEFA Experience

In May 2020, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), will release its blockchain-powered mobile ticketing app for EURO 2020. The application is aimed at making the entrance into the stadium safe, secure and smooth by eliminating ticket duplication and replication. To achieve this, the application will provide a QR

Crypto Trading & Investment Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence

Are you thinking lately to make trading or investment on cryptocurrencies? However, something is hindering your goal, obviously, it is nothing but “risk”. Making a profit is the basic goal of investment or trading but the inconsistent nature of the cryptocurrencies raises huge risks. Usually, investors seek the advice of