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The Recent Twitter Hack Shows The Problems of Centralized Apps That Blockchain Can Solve

The recent Twitter hack gave everyone the chills. The accounts of prominent personalities became the fodder for a hacker who had relevant experience in the field of social engineering. Bill Gates, Kanye West, Barrack Obama, President Elon Musk, and many more personalities had their accounts hacked. There were false claims

Robert Kiyosaki Talks With Anthony Pompliano on Why Bitcoin Will Explode

The author of the wildly popular Rich Dad series Robert Kiyosaki on his Rich Dad radio show spoke with Anthony Pompliano recently. Kiyosaki and Anthony spoke at length on the various issues that concern the cryptospace. Kiyosaki spoke about the need for the older generation to understand the cryptoworld. He

3 Strategies to Use Trading Crypto

There are a variety of ways to approach trading cryptocurrency, and these strategies can range from being simple to very complex. The aim of this article is to provide you with an overview to trading strategies that you can use as tools to beat the cryptocurrency market. Fundamental AnalysisFundamental analysis

How to Buy Bitcoin: All Your Gateways Into The Cryptocurrency Kingdom

Despite attracting unprecedented attention in the investment landscape, many people still find it difficult to buy bitcoin. More often than not, people identify cryptocurrency as a complex investment niche, which is far from the truth. On the contrary, bitcoin’s decentralized economy relies on the ability of participants to retain

Creating Context: The Link Between Social Media and Bitcoin

Social media and bitcoin have evolved alongside one another for years, and continue to do so at a staggering rate.

Emotional Connection With Rational Cryptocurrency Trading

If you go ahead to investigate the secrets of successful traders, you will find that their propensity to make profits is not a function of their ability to project market movements. Rather, traders consistently generate profits when they have successfully mastered different ways to put their emotions in check while

Anonymity and Privacy in The Crypto Sector - The Necessity

One of the prominent and unique selling propositions for cryptocurrency over the fiat counterparts was the infamous claim of being anonymous and private. This was also the major driving force for mainstream adaptation in numerous industries and payment streams. Though many studies later came out stating that is not entirely